Combining jewellery: Get the most out of your jewellery with these tips

Combining jewellery: Get the most out of your jewellery with these tips

A piece of jewellery can also look great on its own - but combining jewellery is not only totally hip, but also really fun! Several Chains in a layering or neckwear look, Earrings and Earcuffs, as well as Rings and Bracelets can be super combined. A great jewellery combination can give your outfit that certain something and make you an absolute eye-catcher.

Combining jewellery correctly: What is there to consider?

There are hardly any rules when it comes to combining jewellery, almost everything is allowed. The general rule is: creativity and joy are the be-all and end-all. If you like to wear a lot of jewellery, you can also combine many pieces of jewellery with each other. The only rule of thumb is: it is better to combine a lot of eye-catching necklaces with less conspicuous earrings, while eye-catching earrings should be combined with more discreet necklaces. The focus should be on either the necklaces or the earrings, not both. Combining different jewellery materials is just as possible as different structures, surfaces and styles.

The number of chains that can be combined depends on the size and width of the chains. With thinner necklaces, it is possible to wear up to five necklaces at the same time. The trendy necklace look in particular thrives on combining many different necklaces. A classic layering look typically consists of two to three necklaces.

There can hardly be too much on the ears. Depending on the number of ear holes present, many different earrings can be combined with each other. Creoles, plugs and earcuffs can combine to create great earcandy looks that are truly extraordinary.

Bracelets can also be super combined, as can rings. Here, too, the rule is: the focus is only on one of the two places. So wear either several rings or several bracelets on one hand, both can quickly look cluttered.

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Can I combine gold and silver jewellery?

Gold and silver jewellery can be combined with each other in a great way. The colour mix is an absolute jewellery trend this year. Combining gold and silver jewellery creates a super modern and cool look. The advantage is that you can wear all your favourite pieces together, no matter what colour they are. Combining the different jewellery colours also allows you to get a whole new look from your jewellery, as you have even more combination options.

Which pieces of jewellery should I not combine with each other?

There are hardly any jewellery combinations that are not possible. However, you should not combine big statement earrings with lots of flashy necklaces and vice versa. The focus should only be on one spot. The same applies to rings and bracelets. If you wear several thick bracelets on your left wrist, you should rather wear rings on your right hand so that it doesn't look overloaded. It is also difficult to combine yellow gold and rose gold. These two jewellery colours do not look as harmonious together as gold and silver.

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Combining Necklaces - Layering & Neckmess

Chains can be combined in two different ways. The layering look is the classic way of combining chains. In the layering look, chains are worn together in an orderly and neat way, without lying on top of each other. Each chain is clearly visible, they complement each other and together form a great combination look. One important rule: the chains must be of different lengths. Long chains can be combined with medium-length and shorter chains, Y-chains and chokers can also be used. The classic layering look consists of two to three chains.

The alternative to chain layering is the neckmess look. Here, it's not about order and even spacing, but chaos. The neckmess look is characterised by combining chains of different thickness, structure and shape. Whether they hang on top of each other is irrelevant. Necklaces of the same length can also be worn together in Neckmess. Link chains, Y-chains, pendant chains and chokers can be combined, there are no rules.

Combining Rings - Stacking & Layering

Combining different rings with each other has become an absolute trend. Ring stacking or ring layering describes the combination of several rings of different sizes and widths on one or more fingers. Fine rings can be worn super on top of each other on the same finger, but they also look great next to each other. Combining several large rings is also possible. Ring stacking looks especially great when the rings are not worn symmetrically on both hands, but are positioned on different fingers of the two hands.

Combining earrings - Earcandy at its best

If you have several pierced ears, you can combine many different earrings, and ear cuffs can complete the look. There are no limits to creativity with Earcandy. Creoles can be combined with each other, especially if they have different sizes. Even hoop earrings with pendants can be worn with each other or with plainer hoop earrings. Ear studs are also a great complement to hoop earrings and ear pendants. Earcuffs complete the look. They can also be "stacked", i.e. worn on top of each other. For particularly harmonious earring combinations, earrings can be worn in descending size towards the top. The largest pair - for example, larger creoles - goes in the bottom ear hole and the smallest pair - for example, studs - in the top ear hole. It gets trickier when pearl earrings or statement earrings are to be combined. Statement earrings look great on their own, so don't overload the ear with other earrings that are too conspicuous. Depending on their size, pearl earrings can be combined with smaller, thin hoop earrings or simple studs.

How can I coordinate my jewellery with my outfit?

Jewellery can not only complement and round off an outfit, but also take it to a whole new level. With the right jewellery, you can give your outfit an upgrade. Which jewellery goes best with your outfit depends on the individual garments. Depending on the neckline of your top, you can wear necklaces of different lengths; long necklaces go better on a turtleneck, and necklaces with pendants look great on a V-neck. With striking patterns, several necklaces can sometimes be too much, in which case you can opt for earrings or bracelets. If your top has ¾ sleeves, you can focus on the bracelets and rings.

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Your clothing style also plays a role in your choice of jewellery. Plain, simple outfits can be made eye-catching with chunky jewellery, while elegant jewellery is better with smart outfits. Playful jewellery can also give your outfit a whole new direction. The simpler the outfit, the more you can go all out with the jewellery. Eye-catching outfits don't need a lot of jewellery, but can become an absolute eye-catcher by using a little jewellery in the right place.

You can find inspiration for combining jewellery in our livestreams on Instagram at @icrush_jewelry. Every day from 19:30-20:30, our sales staff will show you different jewellery looks and great combination options.

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