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ICRUSH Earcuffs in different colours & shapes

Earcuffs are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to take their look to the next level. These extra stylish it-pieces not only look beautiful in combination with other earrings, but also have a decisive advantage: you don't need an ear hole to wear them!

At ICRUSH, we're in love with the trend. That's why we offer a well-curated selection of glamorous ear cuffs that are guaranteed to make your heart beat faster! All of our ear cuffs are made from high quality 925 sterling silver. They are set with sparkling zirconia stones or available in classic gold and silver. You can also find ear cuffs with a chain in the ICRUSH online shop. Especially in combination with our other Earrings these shimmering eye-catchers really make your look shine. Nevertheless, these little pieces of jewellery are not only made for elegant events, but also add an edgy touch to any everyday look.

To enjoy your earcuff for as long as possible, you should take good care of it. Keep it away from chemicals, such as cleaning products and cosmetics, and store it in a closed jewellery box. For more good tips on how to look after your jewellery, read our Jewellery care guide article. Then nothing can go wrong.