What if I don't like something after all?

You have 30 days after receiving the goods to decide if the item(s) is/are right for you. We ask that you handle the jewellery with care and do not return the items damaged, soiled or altered . Please note that personalised products cannot be returned/refunded.

How do I send something back?

  1. Das zurückgegebene Produkt muss in gutem Zustand sein, sodass der Weiterverkauf nicht beeinträchtigt wird: Der Artikel darf nicht beschädigt, verschmutzt oder verändert sein.
  2. Das Etikett des Artikels darf nicht beschädigt, entfernt oder abgerissen sein.
  3. Bitte kennzeichne die zurückgesendete Ware deutlich (Menge + Grund) auf dem Retourenschein.
  4. Lege den ausgefüllten Retourenschein unbedingt deiner Rücksendung bei.
    Anmerkung: Falls eine der oben genannten Bedingungen nicht erfüllt ist, verzögert sich der Erstattungsprozess oder die Retoure kann unter Umständen nicht erstattet werden
  5. Please return the free gift in this order if you no longer meet the original promotional requirement after returning it. 
  6. Address the package to the following address:

    c/o MPR Fulfillment Zentrallager
    Grandkaule 3
    53859 Niederkassel

  7. Please note that you are responsible for the return shipping costs. We offer high quality products at reasonable prices, DHL's fast and secure parcel service and a wide range of gifts. So if we add the return shipping costs for our customers, we're going over budget. We have chosen to offer customers discounts, gifts and secure delivery instead of paying the return shipping costs. In the near future, we hope to generate more orders and profits to offer free returns so that customers have a better shopping experience.
  8. We do not send an acknowledgement of receipt after receiving your return. You can see where the package is by looking at the tracking number of your return. As a rule, we need 20 working days for the processing of your return after receipt of the goods. After major promotions, the processing time may be longer. Currently we estimate a processing time of about 3-4 weeks and apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  9. Please keep the issued return receipt carefully until the refund has been made.
  10. I have received a payment request from Klarna even though I have returned all or part of my order. What should I do?

    Simply log in to Klarna and click on "Register return" for the corresponding ICRUSH order. This will pause your invoice at Klarna until we have processed your return. 

Can I exchange goods?

Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer you an exchange of the goods.however, you have the option of returning your order to us within 30 days of soon as your return has reached our warehouse, you will be refunded your money.then simply reorder your desired products.