Chains with letter pendants | Letter Collection



Your letter, your personality, your character. Take a moment to appreciate all that makes you unique - all your best qualities and fondest memories. Be yourself without compromise and love yourself for it. The letter necklaces of the ICRUSH Letters Collection celebrate women in all their facets and are meant to remind you every day how much more there is in you.

Self-Love 1

Happiness 2

Powerful 3

Kindness 4

Confidence 5

Trust 6 love yourself and make yourself happier than anyone else ever could.

2. the feeling of absolute content.

3. having a lot of strength and force.

4. the quality of being friendly, considerate and generous.

5. the quality of being certain of your own abilities and of having trust in other people, plans and the future.

Believing in other peoples honesty and loyalty.

Your letter, your personality, your character. The letter necklaces from ICRUSH give you the opportunity to share your very personal message via a necklace with letters. Names, attitudes to life, convictions - all this can be behind the chains with letter pendants. Give your necklace your own personal meaning!

In our online shop you can get our Letter Collection in gold, silver and rose gold. So you can match your personal letter to your own look. Our chains are made from durable 316L stainless steel, making them long-lasting companions for your everyday life.

Express yourself!