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Everybody knows this feeling: butterflies in your stomach, your head is in the clouds and your knees feel weak. It happens suddenly and unexpectedly:
You have a crush on somebody.

The Name “iCrush” refers exactly to this cozy and exciting feeling to be crazy about somebody. However, iCrush is not about the love you feel for someone else but rather about loving yourself. Every one of us gathers experiences and experiences unforgettable moments. We love this diversity and we think, that every personality is unique and special. Our jewelry inspires an attitude towards life that includes all these different aspects. It is our goal to design jewelry that not only reflects every kind of women but also every lifestyle. Every single one of our pieces has its own meaning, which is created by its owner.

The large variety in motives and the possibility to choose between rose gold, gold, and silver for each piece allows every woman to customize perfect combinations of her favorites to tell her own personal story.

Our jewelry not only emphasizes the beauty of every woman but expresses their personality. We do so without bells and whistles – minimalism and elegance are what we strive for. The different collections are made of high-quality materials so that they can become faithful companions on their owner’s journey through life.

Feel strong and empowered and tell your own story with iCrush
– create yourself, create your own story!
iCrush’s journey started in 2013: it was born out of the desire to create unique jewelry, characterized by delicate design and high-quality materials. Our jewelry has been available at over 200 retailers all over the world for 5 years. In December 2017 we launched our online store and this year we opened a new store on the Ehrenstraße in Cologne.
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